The work plan is organized into six WPs and one management component:

WP1 ensures compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ of the project.

WP2 identifies and addresses the PEARL barriers related to combining, analysing and sharing of datatypes and specimens across cohorts.

WP3 develops methods for reconciling heterogeneity in CE data and for facilitating both pro- and retrospective synthesis of CE data.  

WP4 creates linkages between CE and HDL data within and across cohorts and applies or refines standards for data synthesis.

WP5 develops a governance model and systems to connect biobanks and cohort data to facilitate translational research and equitable use of limited sample data.

WP6 connects the Open Science community and international regulatory and surveillance bodies to data generators to facilitate conversations around data sharing and access.

WP7 provides management support and facilitates the dissemination of advances in repositories for OMICS data to facilitate personalized medicine approaches to infectious disease.