We were thrilled to present our research on broad consent for future use of data and samples from biomedical research at the 2023 inaugural International Pandemic Sciences Conference in Oxford, UK!

🔬 We conducted 52 cognitive interviews with infectious disease cohort participants in Nicaragua and Colombia. 🔍 Participants’ understanding of broad consent-related language in the University of California at Berkeley template informed consent (IC) form for biomedical research was thoroughly examined. 🤝 Trust in the research team and the belief that sharing data and samples could lead to new vaccines or treatments were identified as critical factors influencing participant support for data and sample sharing.

Please see the Poster Presentation and the full Open Access Research Article for more details.

This study represents a significant step towards building the evidence base of how research participants understand broad consent and its impact on participation in infectious disease-related cohort studies and provides timely guidance on how to improve understanding of broad consent for future use.

@PSIOxford Let’s continue working together to advance our work on ethical, equitable sharing of biomedical data and samples to ensure we can combat pandemics effectively! 🌐

Many thanks to @EU_Horizon2020 @CIHRGenetics for funding our empirical research on research ethics in low-and-middle-income countries!

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