> Expected results of the RECODID initiative include direct and indirect results.

Direct results of the development of the integrated, sustainable platform for the sharing, synthesis, and analysis of both CE and HDL data from infectious disease cohorts, in keeping with the principles of FAIR data-driven research include..

  • Roadmap, tools and analytical methods to reconcile, analyze and link human CE data within and across infectious disease cohorts;
  • Roadmap, tools and analythical methods to reconcile, analyze and link HDL data with the synthesized CE metadata from within and across infectious disease cohorts;
  • Local governance model and searchable portal for decentralized cataloguing of data repositories and biobanks

Indirect results generated through the process of the RECODID teams works towards the project objectives include:

  • Transparent and clear method for tracking data use agreements to allow optimal and efficient data transfer between cohorts and the cloud-based plataform;
  • Concrete steps towards standardized regulatory approvals and process, including fast track IRBs;
  • Standardized quidelines for minimizing intrinsic bias in CE and HDL data;
  • Connected, searchable and navigable data hubs available for deployment;
  • Roadmap and guidelines towards data management and analysis support through connected data hubs;
  • Mapped standards and harmonized data descriptors as well as the development of novel statistical approaches to cross-study harmonization in the presence of high levels of cross-study heterogeneity;
  • Standardised organizational processes for the decentralised management of data and biological resources issuing from infectious diseases cohort research.