We would like to use the meeting as an opportunity to build connections between large cohort consortia and data standards development organizations.

To that end, we have dedicated the afternoon sessions (including virtual participation from North America) of the conference on October 16-17 to discussing:

  1. Consortia’s experiences in identifying and implementing standards with a focus on what worked and what did not,
  2. Standards development organization’s current or planned initiatives to increase the uptake of their standards and to build cross-walks to related standards, with a focus on infectious disease cohorts.

In the mornings, we will concentrate on the legal challenges and how we are now envisaging to bring everything together for cohort data sharing and combining clinical-epidemiological data and high dimensional laboratory data, discussing:

  1. Consortia’s experiences with cohort data sharing, central and/or federated,
  2. Setting up DACs and how to make sure data contributors are part of the decision-making,
  3. Roles and data flow, given the mix of institutions (International, EU, Global from LMIC )

We are planning two key note presentations to enrich the general discussion, currently thinking about – Perspective from the LMIC in the South as data contributors:

  • Legal, ethical issues – Artificial intelligence assisted harmonization,
  • A way to alleviate the high workload of retrospective (and prospective) harmonization?

We hope that this is of interest for you and your teams.

October 17-19th 2022

Hinxton, UK & Zoom

Join the meeting remotely via Zoom please,
register using the following link